Advanced Optimisation with IA-Cloud Just Got Better – Introducing Cost Analyser
Chris Kirk
Lead Cloud Developer & Architect

One piece of feedback we’ve had over time is while the advanced optimisation tool is a great feature, it would be even better if cost analysis was a part of the analytics, i.e. while the optimisation saves an enormous amount of decision-making time, showing the proof in monetary terms would add an additional dimension.

In IA-Cloud version 4.1, our optimisation feature has been upgraded with such a capability, as well as some overall changes and tweaks. IA-Cloud’s cost analyser is built into the optimisation service and is based on Azure RRP pricing data. This gives you a summary of what savings can potentially be achieved automatically.

And while other solutions will only show you a two dimensional view, IA-Cloud takes it a step further with a high-confidence value; this value is where IA-Cloud believes the cost saving is very likely within your environment, while potential cost savings are a calculation of implementing all the recommendations regardless.

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Each recommendation has also had layout tweaks to provide this new information, whilst still making it easy and simple to understand. The “requires attention” labels now include badges which show the number of resources flagged, and each recommendation (where costs are enabled) shows the potential or high confidence saving breakdown, as well as a drop down to reveal more information on the resource itself.


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These changes don’t stop at general optimisation - performance analytics also benefit, and not just from cost savings. Because performance analytics needs to show more information for decision making purposes, each flagged resource has been tweaked to make it easy to digest under each resource.

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And finally, we’ve improved IA-Cloud under the hood.  Greater intelligence has been added to our performance engines so that IA-Cloud is now able to recommend a better VM size based on the VM's performance data and provide specs for comparison. As well as this, IA-Cloud will then show the cost benefit to making this change as well. This is especially useful for right-sizing as workload requirements change overtime.

All these new features are available today from the optimisation service within IA-Cloud for our existing and new customers.

Click below to watch our short video which demonstrates how IA-Cloud helped Sheffield City Trust optimise their Azure environment and provide enhanced visibility, uptime, and documentation.

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