5 Priorities for a dispersed workforce in a cloud first world

With the large-scale migration to remote working, one of the key issues identified was that mid-sized businesses in particular were struggling to support remote work, due to challenges surrounding remote security, network & device management, and application access and support.

Organisations need a solution which blends video collaboration tools with more software-centric capabilities to deliver network automation for higher predictability and security for business-critical applications.

With businesses beginning to open up the doors again to welcome employees back into offices, organisations are looking at how technology can be used to ensure a safer return- for example, via security cameras to track capacity levels.

In this blog, we’ll explore 5 priorities for your business and take a look at how Cisco Meraki products are helping addresses these challenges, with significant investment in health and assurance, location-based services capabilities and a cloud enabled, secure SD-WAN platform.

  1. Invest in a platform with open APIs. The Meraki platform is an engine that powers everything behind the scenes of your network. It provides the underlying cloud infrastructure of the Meraki product portfolio and uses machine learning to give you rich analytics and extensible APIs to optimise your network.  This will enable you to save time troubleshooting and remotely identify issues in real-time and quickly integrate new technologies.
  2. Integrate physical security solutions. With many businesses having to adhere to social distancing rules and capacity limits, Meraki MV smart cameras are the perfect solution This enables organisations to easily track occupancy levels and remotely monitor activity.
  3. Identify new opportunities. Discovering new ways to work is critical in the current environment. Meraki wireless products provide advanced features beyond reliable Wi-Fi, making it easy to find new opportunities. For example, with a plug and play Meraki MR Wireless Access Point, a retailer could quickly create outdoor Wi-Fi coverage or monitor foot traffic at multiple locations and adapt staff/stock accordingly.
  4. Ensure you have powerful security. Organisations rely on connectivity to function, and cyber-attacks can have disastrous consequences for businesses. MX Security & SD-WAN appliances can be simply and remotely set up in minutes, equipping you with enterprise-grade security backed by Cisco Talos threat intelligence. Auto VPN keeps data encrypted and allows you to build VPN tunnels to securely connect locations without tedious manual VPN configuration.
  5. Secure the remote workforce. As employees are increasingly working remotely, technology has evolved to enable quick, secure and remote deployment. The Meraki Z3 teleworker gateway provides fast, reliable and secure connectivity and VLAN support keeps data secure by isolating the business network from employees’ home network. With Meraki Insight, organisations can also save time by monitoring app performance by remote workers to troubleshoot any potential issues.

Cisco Meraki solutions are designed for small businesses to be simple, secure and smart, helping you adapt and overcome any challenges faced. To get started, contact us here.

Ultima are delighted to now be offering a fully managed service powered by Cisco Meraki to deliver a comprehensive end-to-end infrastructure solution to your networking, management and security needs. Click here to learn more.

Case Study - Westbrook Hay
Westbrook Hay, an Independent Prep school in Hemel Hempstead, were looking for a new network solution as their current infrastructure wasn’t delivering the required capabilities and also left the network exposed to security breaches. The proposed solution- Cisco Meraki, enabled the school to manage and monitor the network with ease, as well as providing increased capacity and security.

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