3 things about WVD that just make sense

If you’re standing still, you’re moving backwards – this has likely never been truer than when considering the technology landscape today. There’s such an aggressive pace of change and new developments that’s it’s hard to keep track of everything going on in a particular area, never mind getting particularly excited about it.

This changes today.


If you’re wondering if other businesses are deploying desktops and user workloads in Public Cloud – yes, they are. If you’re wondering if it works well and gives great user experience – yes, it can! Are there pitfalls – absolutely, however we’re here to guide you around those.

I wanted to take this opportunity to share my top 3 things about Window Virtual Desktop (both native and partner solutions) that Just Make Sense. These are the top three things that I feel are worth being downright excited about having in your EUC arsenal.

Windows 10 Multi-Session – game changer. Optimised for VDI – licensed under most common windows licensing. Running user sessions on a server OS will never feel right again. Also marks the fact that Microsoft acknowledge VDI as a valid use case for Windows 10 giving it a much higher level of internal recognition. Only down-side is that it is EULA restricted to only run in Azure.

Scale Up and Out – it has never been easier to grow. Recall the last time you bought servers and added 20% on top for growth? Did you need it? Remove the guess-work and deploy what you need. Respond to changing requirements with a dropdown box or script, rather than a pallet full of hardware.

Global Reach – the days of companies being in the datacentre game are diminishing. Running racks of servers doesn’t drive business value, it was a necessity. That is not the case today. Place your services pretty much anywhere in the world, the number and location of Azure regions is changing at what seems like a quarterly basis. Where is the best place to locate your services to support your business needs? It’s never been easier to support multi-national usage.

If you want to explore how you can make use of these capabilities, get in touch with your account manager to arrange a call with one of our experts!

Why Ultima for Citrix & Microsoft

Ultima have extensive experience deploying Citrix solutions in Microsoft Azure and have worked closely with Citrix and Microsoft to ensure that customers attain the value of next-gen cloud hosted workspaces. Whether you are new to Microsoft Azure or an established consumer, Ultima can work with you to deliver an integrated and rich user experience leveraging the Citrix Cloud platform whilst also benefitting from a deep understanding of enterprise-scale virtual desktop solutions in Microsoft Azure.

Ultima offer services ranging from Strategy and Readiness Assessments, Design and Deployment Services, through to full lifecycle management of your Cloud Desktop and Microsoft Azure environment.

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