1-Year Anniversary: Ultima & Ecologi Partnership

A year ago, we were delighted to launch our partnership with Ecologi as part of our commitment to taking care of the environment through sustainable practices. They are an environmental organisation with the mission to provide everyone with access to the best solutions to save our planet. Ecologi work in partnership with Eden Reforestation Projects to plant millions of trees around the world each month to combat climate change. We know that planting trees is an excellent way to restore the planet. But, when applying tree planting as a climate solution, it was important to us that we ensure that the work is being done properly.

Ecologi want any trees funded for planting through our platform to be the most well-loved trees that ever did grow – and that means reforesting responsibly.

For example, this means planting ecologically appropriate trees in the right places, coordinating with local communities, and ensuring that trees are protected from outside threats (both natural and manmade) so that they can survive and thrive, and help to support biodiversity and carbon sequestration.

We are pleased to have planted over 3,300 trees since the launch of the partnership. A reminder of what the initiatives Ultima are planting trees for:

  • For every new starter
    We plant a tree for every new employee that joins Ultima Group. Our staff are our priority, and we work to ensure they are just as much a part of our drive to become more sustainable.
  • For every event and webinar registration
    If you have joined one of our events or webinars you will have seen that we plant a tree for each registration no matter whether it is virtual, hybrid or in-person. This is one of the ways we want to encourage our customers to join us on the journey to repairing our planet. 
  • Every time one of our consultants takes a virtual meeting
    We plant trees on behalf of our consultants each time they take a virtual meeting rather than an in-person meeting. By taking virtual meetings they are saving on fossil fuels and reducing their carbon footprint. Noaa Research found that levels of CO2 and methane — the two most important greenhouse gases — continued their “unrelenting rise” last year despite a sharp economic slowdown caused by the coronavirus pandemic. This highlights the urgency of this issues so going forward we will be encouraging our team to take green meetings where possible.

All these trees contribute and can be found in Ultima’s Virtual Forest. Ultima’s Virtual Forest is a visual dashboard that allows us to not only track how many trees we have planted but also where around the world they have been planted and the progress of them over time. We appreciate you continuing to support our journey to make a difference by continuing to innovate and support one of the most important issues our world is facing. 


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