Intelligent Automation
Autonomous Workforce

Ultima is able to deliver a digital workforce which unifies Robotic Process Automation, Artificial Intelligence, Machine learning and Ultima’s Managed Service capabilities. These digital workers can undertake all of the heavy lifting related to your business processes, ensuring they are actioned with speed, efficiency and accuracy.

The Overarching Challenge

Many companies are under increasing pressure to do more with their existing workforce, whilst innovating, improving customer experience, and increasing employee satisfaction. In order to meet these demands, organisations need to free up capacity.

By integrating intelligent automation into your organisation, we can transfer the basic repetitive and mundane tasks from your human workforce to a digital worker, freeing up capacity. According to a McKinsey report within the Financial services sector, “43% of activities are automatable using intelligent automation” with Deloitte outlining that the “payback of implementing RPA was less than 12 months”.

Why Choose Autonomous Workforce?
80% of Companies

Implementing or scaling out RPA indicated a more satisfied and productive workforce
- Deloitte

50% Of Tasks

Will be fully automated by 2024, helping to augment and automate workers, rather than replace them - IDC

300% Increase

In productivity when utilising Intelligent Automation solutions from Ultima

80% Reduction

In processing times for service desk tasks utilsing automation


Reduction in processing times for service desk tasks utilsing automation.

How Autonomous Workforce Works

By combining the principles of Robotic Process Automation, AI and Machine Learning within either a cloud or on-premises solution, Ultima is able to automate the execution of business processes. These digital workers enable the following capabilities:

Frictionless Automation

RPA uses software to emulate human interaction with applications and systems, using a standard user interface which is non-disruptive and permits automation across any electronic interaction or application.

Unstructured Interactions

Supports the automation of unstructured inputs and outputs, e.g. OCR, human / virtual worker communications, email, SMS, via an integrated web-portal, for the purpose of front and back office processes.

Adding Intelligence

Virtual workers exploit AI in the form of Cognitive Data Processing, for the simulation of human intellect through learning, reasoning & self-correction. This extends their ability into handling unstructured interactions.

Machine Learning

By empowering the machine through one of three different approaches (supervised, unsupervised and reinforcement learning), you no longer need to constantly revert back to a human for instruction. Simply put, allow the machine to make the decision for you.

Key Benefits of Autonomous Workforce
Harness the Power of Many

Our RPA platform is versatile and scalable, overcoming the problem of rapidly building out capacity to handle your business requirements.

Non-Intrusive, Zero Disruption

Virtual workers are system agnostic, operating across the presentation layer, leveraging existing infrastructure and applications.

Increased Accuracy & Productivity

Humans are fallible. Instead, we can programmatically emulate the way people use systems, to help augment, replace or digitize manual processes whilst removing errors and increasing productivity.

24x7 Operational Value

Virtual workers can work tirelessly, without rest. They operate autonomously and consistently, with minimal to no human intervention.

Fully Managed

We're responsible for the platform, worker and process monitoring activities, so you can reap the benefits of Intelligent Automation.

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