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Initiate Your Virtual Workforce

Gain a competitive edge with Ultima's intelligent automation platform, powered by Thoughtonomy

Robotic Process Automation

Keen to increase efficiency and reduce human error? Ever considered employing a 'virtual' workforce to undertake high volume, low complexity, repeatable tasks - meaning your staff morale increases? With Ultima and Thoughtonomy we can enable your business to do more with less.

Consume 'digital labour as a service' through Robotic Process Automation, combined with Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and OCR/ICR with the flexible deployment method of Microsoft Azure, and utilise your highly skilled employees to re-focus energy into innovative projects and stay ahead of your competition.

Ultima's Virtual Workforce, powered by Thoughtonomy, delivers scalable replication of the way your staff perform manual processes - in any system or application - giving you the power to deliver vast improvements in productivity and service without significant investment, risk or disruption. Ultima have worked with Thoughtonomy to bring you an intelligent automation platform which requires no infrastructure and no application re-architecture. A platform which has been designed to provide a flexible pool of digital labour, breaking the association between work, the resource required to deliver it, and the method of triggering, initiating or interacting with any given process.

By creating a pool of shared resources which can perform work across any business function - and can scale up and down on demand to align exactly with the type and amount of work required - we are enabling companies to vastly increase productivity in a way that has not previously been available without significant investment, risk, or disruption to your business.

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