About Us

At Ultima, we use smart infrastructure and software to help businesses unlock their true potential. But technology isn’t everything – it’s simply a tool. Human beings create value. That’s why we make it our mission to understand your business, your processes and, critically, your people. It’s this obsession with doing what’s right for your business and not what technology dictates, that helps us build trust, and deliver success.

The Ultima Difference

At Ultima we want to make transformative IT easier to access for more businesses. To help businesses of all sizes reduce costs, increase profitability and gain competitive advantage. These are the five reasons we can do this:

Our People

Our prized asset. Our talented team work in close partnership with businesses and have unrivalled depth and breadth of knowledge and experience. We have 75 senior consultants and over 200 technical staff with 1,400 years of combined implementation experience.

Our focus on Automation

We are expert at defining and implementing intelligent automation services. As a result, we don’t just help businesses ‘make up ground’, we help them jump ahead of change and deliver genuine competitive advantage in their marketplace.

Our mindset and experience

Ultima is an established business with many years’ experience, but we’ve also stayed on the cutting edge of both technology and working practices. That means we offer an agility, cost-effectiveness and speed of service you won’t find elsewhere.

Our incredible technology partnerships

From Cisco to Microsoft, we hold Tier One status with all the major vendors. We also aren’t beholden to a few suppliers. We can source products from over 200 technology vendors, so whatever your needs, or legacy systems, we have the right solution.

Our predominantly in-house model

Unlike the competition, we rarely use consultants or out-source. In fact, our in-house experience allows us to deliver both the core infrastructure and the cloud-based automation. This simplifies processes and delivers critical time and cost savings.

Ultima employees strive for excellence even when no one else is looking. When faced with challenging decisions we do the right thing, and act with integrity in every aspect of our work. We’re trusted for the quality of our services. We’re honest in our feedback, supporting one-another and our business to continuously identify improvements.
We are open & respectful of everyone, and we understand the importance of a diverse workforce. We seek different viewpoints to enrich the work we do. We value and respect one another and encourage inter-team collaboration to work together in achieving excellence. We’re open about our processes and champion inclusive working.
Customers are at the heart of everything we do. We have a zeal for technology and the potential it unlocks. We surround ourselves with inspirational and innovative colleagues. We strive to exceed expectations of quality, security, privacy and reliability. We are passionate about employee development, learning new skills, and embracing new technologies.
Ultima employees keep their word and take responsibility for the commitments they make. We take accountability for the improvement of our services and the wellbeing of our customers. We engage our staff in decision making, enabling an environment of growth and development. We support one-another in delivering the best possible service to our customers.
Our Leadership
"My philosophy is to always live up to the highest levels of personal integrity and transparency, and to gain the trust of team members and customers alike. These are values that are embedded in Ultima’s DNA, making it a special place to work. The relentless focus on our customers’ success is only possible through great team work and genuinely enjoying what we do. It has to be fun to do your best work and keep the best people."

Scott Dodds has been in the European IT industry for 33 years and has held senior positions in EMEA and the UK with VMware, Microsoft, Acer and Compaq, before joining Ultima Business Solutions in October 2015. He has had full P&L responsibility for multi-billion dollar sales and marketing teams as well as running business operations and planning functions. His breadth of experience spans all customer segments from the largest global enterprises to mid-market and SMBs.

"Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don't matter, and those who matter don't mind."

Tamsin Ashmore is an operational and commercial CFO driving value in global high growth businesses. She has had 8 years of executive achievement in Media, Technology and Leisure of both publicly listed, owner-managed, and PE-backed companies.  Tamsin has a strong belief in being customer focused and works to build, motivate and enhance teams. She has a successful record in increasing value through the identification of EBITDA enhancing opportunities and cash flow management.  Tamsin says that she is at her best in a business where they value passion, leadership and a willingness to drive change. 

"My ethos is that investing in people should be the highest priority of any Technology Services business as it is essential to nurture home grown talent in one of the fastest evolving industries. Enablement of team members allows for strategic execution which is critical to deliver customer value and success which is at the forefront of what Ultima strive to achieve. Empowered staff drives customer satisfaction as transformative solutions can be delivered successfully to disrupt the way we do business"

Gareth Meyer has worked across the IT Reseller industry for 18 years and held senior positions in the UK and Ireland with Insight, Invicta and Systemax Europe prior to joining Ultima Business Solutions in October 2017. Gareth has held multiple Sales, Solution and Services leadership roles focussed in the corporate and enterprise customer segments and is currently responsible for executing the strategic goals of Ultima by directing Marketing, Vendor Strategy and Sales Operations. 

"A key part of my role is recruiting individuals who are going to fit into the Ultima culture, understanding their strengths and then matching them to internal teams and customers. Our mission as an organisation is to become the trusted long-term partner of UK businesses and the role of external and internal account managers is critical in the process. My job is to ensure the best conduit exists."

Since 2007, Richard has been responsible for the management and direction of Ultima’s sales and marketing functions. With his passion for building an agile and effective sales teams alongside building long term customer relationships Richard has helped Ultima develop into one of the UK’s leading IT solution providers. Since starting at Ultima, he has overseen a 120%+ growth in both turnover and in the size of salesforce. Richard believes the matching of account managers to customers is key and comments “A key part of my role is recruiting individuals who are going to fit into the Ultima culture, understanding their strengths and then matching them to internal teams and customers. Our mission as an organisation is to become the trusted long term partner of UK businesses and the role of external and internal account managers is critical in the process. My job is to ensure the best conduit exists.”

"From day one, I have been determined to ensure that Ultima has a Services Team which listens to our clients and fully understands their needs before delivering consistent, high quality solutions which bring meaningful business benefit. This is achieved through technical expertise, tier 1 vendor accreditations and extensive real-world deployment experience. I fervently believe the depth, quality and engagement experience of our team is second to none"

After gaining a solid technical background in systems, networking, software development and business intelligence, Dave joined Ultima in 2000 to establish a new project management office. Following roles included PMO Lead and Head of Presales, Services Director in 2009, Pre-Sales Director in 2017 and Customer Success Director in 2019. Major achievements include the creation of an extensive in-house services team, a comprehensive portfolio of innovative IT solutions and services, mature engagement and delivery processes, and the development of a complementary partner network.

"I am passionate about delivering top quality solutions and services that demonstrate real value to our customers whilst also providing deep satisfaction to our talented teams that design, deploy and manage them. We strive for all of our services employees to earn the role of a trusted advisor and it is great to see so many individual relationships develop between our customers and our teams so that we become a partner rather than a supplier. I love new tech and always make sure I put some time aside during the week to understand what is new and upcoming."

Geoff has worked in the IT industry for over 20 years as a Consultant, Technical Trainer, Solutions Architect and Practice Lead. He has successfully designed and delivered both small and multi-year projects to customers of all sizes and segments.  He joined Ultima in 2011 in the consulting department holding various technical positions until becoming Services Director at the beginning of 2020 and is now responsible for the professional and managed services side of the business.

Just After Midnight

Just After Midnight are part of the Ultima group. We are a next-gen MSP protecting mission critical digital solutions round-the-clock.

Our team of engineers design and operate cutting edge cloud solutions, working in partnership with dev teams within digital product teams in both enterprises and digital agencies. We support the full stack for our clients, partnering with the major cloud providers and leading MarTech platforms. We are also SaaS specialists supporting digital product businesses with 24/7 specialist incident management and break/fix support. Our offices span Asia Pacific, Europe and the United States, providing customers with the most reliable and robust managed cloud and full-stack support service on the market.

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