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Forward Thinking IT Partner

For businesses that need to increase productivity by doing more with less, or want to support business growth, we provide business IT services that make technology a positive asset for your organisation. Unlike many traditional 'resellers', we make IT work harder by better aligning it with the overall goals of your business.

Our strategic solution areas are built around the Modern Data Centre, Modern WorkSpace, Security, Assurance & Compliance and Intelligent Automation.

Our highly skilled technical consultants can design and implement flexible, tailored solutions, which our Technical Service Centre can manage and keep optimised - leaving you to concentrate on your core business strategy.

Our Mission Statement

“To become the trusted long term IT partner of UK businesses by providing robust and flexible solutions which bring real business benefit”


Ultima’s prized asset is its people. We believe we have an unrivalled depth and breadth of knowledge and experience, including over 200 technical staff, 75 senior consultants and 1400 years of implementation experience. The knowledge base is spread across end user computing, cloud & data centre, networking & security as well as managed services.


We recognise the importance of stability both in terms of the company and people. We are financially robust with an excellent credit rating and have a history of continually reinvesting profits in our people and infrastructure. The cumulative benefit to our customers is continuity and consistency of service and support.


This attribute is built into Ultima’s DNA and acts as a key differentiator from other similar sized competitors. Our approach is not based on ‘one size fits all’ or on rigid package solutions but on tailored and customised solutions from the configuration of laptops to long-term managed service contracts that offer real business benefit.


Free from the pressures of satisfying external shareholders, we are able to take a long term view and continually reinvest our profits into the business. Whilst holding tier 1 status with all the major vendors, we can be agnostic in our approach and focus on finding the right technology solution which is in your best interests.