Supercharge your automations with Hybrid Cloud Flows

Extend your Power Automate cloud flows to on-prem systems seamlessly and easily with IA-Connect

What Is Microsoft Power Automate?

Power Automate is part of Microsoft’s wider Power Platform which enables organisations to easily adopt automation and analysis tooling across their systems. Power Automate simply and securely automates a range of back and front office processes between these systems to remove highly repetitive and time-consuming manual tasks. Examples of common processes to be automated by Power Automate include HR approvals, Expense claims, IT daily checks and customer relationship management.

How IA-Connect Helps
Hybrid Cloud Flows

Your automations can now be extended to on-prem systems too. And best of all, you can do this from directly within your cloud flows themselves.

Automate More

With support for SAP, Mainframe, Java and bespoke applications, you can now automate systems that were previously impossible with our advanced RPA capability.

Simple and Intuitive

Our mouse-driven cloud flow development tool means that hybrid cloud flows are easy, even for bespoke applications and those with no APIs.

IA-Connect for Power Automate

Create Hybrid Cloud Flows

With the IA-Connect cloud connector, you can now automate your on-prem applications such as SAP, Mainframe, Java and bespoke applications from right there within your cloud flows.  Centralised and simple.

Create flows easily with mouse-over inspection

Using our unique Inspector couldn’t be easier. Just click on the textbox, button or field you want to automate and add it to cloud flows. IA-Connect even allows you to test as you go – no more re-running and debugging!

Make use of hundreds of built-in actions

IA-Connect comes with hundreds of built-in actions to enable citizen developers to easily build out automations from directly within their cloud flows.

Automate those hard-to-reach applications

With full remote desktop and app support, both Microsoft RDS and Citrix, IA-Connect opens up a world of possibilities for cloud flows.  Automating remote desktops and apps is now as easy as local and web-based applications.

"Within the space of just a few months, the team at Ultima Labs has built one of the first Intelligent Automation products in the Microsoft space. Their talent, hard work and flexibility is a recipe for success, making them one of the lead partners for automation and RPA in Microsoft Technologies.

I’m excited to continue working with them not only to enhance their IA-Connect product, but also to enable other organizations to achieve more with Microsoft Power Automate."

Ana Demeny
PARTNER TECHNICAL ARCHITECT (Power Platform Integration & RPA), Microsoft
IA-Connect Free Trial

The IA-Connect 30 day Free Trial is available for the evaluation of IA-Connect with Blue Prism, Blue Prism Cloud or Microsoft Power Automate. For other RPA platforms, please contact us for more information. To get started, click the relevant link below.

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