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IA-Cloud Security and Governance

With IA-Cloud our goal is to simplify and streamline the daily activities of managing and securing your public cloud to protect your revenue and reputation.

New Challenges Need A Fresh Approach

Protecting you before an incident to reduce the risk profile of your public cloud infrastructure and services.


Guiding you through resolution by equipping your teams with quality information when you need it most.


Reducing recovery time after an incident to get you back on your feet faster.

As public cloud adoption gains traction across businesses of all sizes and verticals, security and governance of cloud resources should be front and centre of any planning and ongoing management. Without consistent and continuous proactive management, the reputation of businesses and their revenues are at risk.

Amyn Jaffer
Head of Ultima Labs
Protecting You Before An Incident

Leveraging vast experience in cloud consulting, IA-Cloud BUILD will automatically set up your new Azure environment with security and best practice at its core, ensuring the foundations are in place from day one.

Applying consistent configuration

IA-Cloud removes the potential for human error by applying consistent configuration of anti-malware on resources during onboarding.

Providing confidence

IA-Cloud automatically creates recurring patch cycles and applies these to new resources during onboarding.

Eliminating compliance breaches

IA-Cloud continuously checks your environment against compliance standards.

Protection from Day One

Leveraging vast experience in cloud consulting, IA-Cloud BUILD will automatically set up your new Azure environment with security and best practice at its core, ensuring the foundations are in place from day one.

The Sheffield City Trust, IA-Cloud Case Study
Guiding You Through Resolution

Resolution of issues can be difficult and time consuming when your teams are inundated with irrelevant information. IA-Cloud leverages machine learning to ensure only anomalies are reported directly through your ITSM system. And for more holistic coverage, we not only support your IaaS workloads, but your PaaS resources too.

Cloud Native Monitoring

Cloud-native monitoring across your IaaS and PaaS resources to alert on anomalies as soon as they happen

Targeted Alerting

Machine learning is used to ensure only anomalies are alerted upon, reducing noise and enabling you to respond faster.  Our alerts are actionable and in plain English

Centralised Resolution

Full integration with your existing ITSM system ensures alerts and updates are centralised for all resolving groups

Recovery after an incident

Hindsight is wonderful thing, but it doesn't help you to recover from a major incident. IA-Cloud automatically backs up your environments and provides full coverage documentation to help you to recover faster when things go wrong.

Trusted Backups

Automatic backups of your environment to provide you with multiple restore points. All driven by a schedule that aligns with your business needs

Evergreen documentation

Automatically generated evergreen documentation provides you with a last known good state of your environment for recovery

What Do I Get With IA-Cloud?

A complete management platform to help you BUILD, AUTOMATE, SECURE and OPTIMISE your Azure environment. Delivered as a SaaS platform, it is installed in under 30 minutes, improving compliance, reducing cloud wastage and automating business-as-usual activities.

Click below to discover how IA-Cloud compares to Azure.

Microsoft Azure

Automated security recommendations

Azure natively provides specific security recommendations which do not provide a holistic view

IA-Cloud provides security recommendations based on the context of your environment and our extensive cloud consulting experience

Compliance Validation

Tooling is available to assist with compliance, however is not available by default, is complex and requires configuration

IA-Cloud provides simple to use, zero-configuration compliance validation which provides insights into potential breaches at the click of a button

Automated backup policies

Existing resources can be configured for backup but new resources can potentially be missed

During automated onboarding resources are added to a backup schedule if they are not being backed up

Automated patching policies

The native patching tooling is inflexible to external factors such as change freezes and requires extensive configuration to set up

IA-Cloud automatically brings resources into a patching schedule and will notify admins prior to patching, allowing them to defer patching if needed. IA-Cloud also automatically suppresses alerting during patch windows.

Automated architectural documentation

IA-Cloud automatically creates comprehensive environmental documentation, all at the click of a button, saving 1,000’s of hours of work

Automated change tracking

IA-Cloud provides change tracking as part of the documentation so you can see how your environment has changed over time

Software asset logging

Azure enables you to report on installed software, however this requires scripting, extensive configuration and doesn’t automatically scale with new resources

IA-Cloud pulls information on installed software automatically, providing quick and easy visibility into what is installed

Automated availability recommendations

IA-Cloud helps you to avoid downtime by providing recommendations on how you can better architect your resources

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