Managed Service Providers

With automation across your customers environments you can drive 46% savings in cloud management costs and increased proactivity with your customers.

Reduce incidents with human interaction by 66%

Having a simple and cost effective way to migrate customers to the public cloud has limited the ability to drive ACR, Azure Consumed Revenue. With IA-Cloud you can build a best practice, migration ready, Azure environment for your customers in less than 3 hours.

Customer Satisfaction

Customers are increasingly demanding more from their managed service providers; higher quality engagement, more consistent service levels and proactive management, and all of this with an expectation of lower cost.  Whilst many MSPs struggle to achieve this balance, those that have turned to automation are thriving. IA-Cloud provides a fully automated cloud management platform to help you to provide a best in class service to your customers at a fraction of the cost, from automatic onboarding of services into monitoring and management, to automated architectural recommendations and cost optimisation.

Technical Innovation

Embracing technical innovation has become essential for the survival of most businesses and for MSPs this is even more critical.  As customers adopt nascent technologies, MSPs race to keep up.  IA-Cloud combines decades of data centre and cloud Managed Service experience with automation to provide a constantly evolving platform for Managed Service Providers.  Unlike many cloud management platforms out there, IA-Cloud embraces not only IaaS technologies, but also PaaS, meaning you’ll be able to support whatever your customers throw at you.

ITSM Integration

As a Managed Service Provider, your ITSM system is likely to be at the centre of your universe. WE believe that managing the public cloud shouldn’t change this. IA-Cloud provides ITSM integrated, cloud native alerting for IaaS and PaaS resources as standard.  And as new customers are added, alerting on their environment is automatically integrated into your ITSM system, reducing the time needed to onboard customers.

IA-Cloud for Managed Service Providers
Partner With Us

With so many people working from home, the move to a cloud first strategy has accelerated rapidly. For service providers this means new workloads and optimised workloads, rolled out in timescales considered inconceivable by previous standards. This can be challenging. How do you provide the high service levels needed for growth while controlling costs to remain competitive?  Get in touch and partner with Ultima Labs.