Cloud Migration

IA-Cloud reduces the time it takes to get to the cloud by 90% and also reduces management cost by up to 46% through automation.

Introduction to Automated Cloud Build Service from IA-Cloud

Migrating to the cloud is now more important than ever, with dispersed workforces and smaller physical office footprints. With IA-Cloud we don’t just spin up a best practice, secure cloud environment for you in a matter of hours; we also put measures in place to help you to manage your resources going forward through automation.

Faster Time To Build

Building out a new cloud environment is easy, but doing it well is much more complicated. Our Cloud Migration solution is powered by IA-Cloud BUILD which leverages our cloud consulting background to build an environment that’s right for you.  This means you can be sure that your new cloud environment aligns to best practice with security, governance and optimisation in mind.

Cloud Automation

Once you’re in the cloud, we don’t leave you in the lurch. Our advanced cloud automation platform, IA-Cloud AUTOMATE wraps your new environment in a layer of automation to onboard, monitor and secure any new IaaS or PaaS resources added going forward.

ITSM Integration

We understand that ITSM systems are core to supporting your business and we believe that moving to the cloud shouldn’t change this. IA-Cloud provides two-click integration of cloud native alerting into your ITSM system.

Staying Compliant

Automated patching and management is part of IA-Cloud’s DNA, but we also take it a step further by protecting your organisation too. Compliance is at the core of IA-Cloud with full reporting on standards such as CIS Benchmarks. With automatic alerting of any breaches, you can be sure that your entire cloud environment is fully compliant at all times.

What Do I Get With IA-Cloud?

A complete management platform to help you BUILD, AUTOMATE, SECURE and OPTIMISE your Azure environment. Delivered as a SaaS platform, it is installed in under 30 minutes, improving compliance, reducing cloud wastage and automating business-as-usual activities.

Click below and hover over each icon to see how IA-Cloud compares to Azure

Microsoft Azure

IA-Cloud Suite

Automated Azure environment deployment

Not available from Azure

IA-Cloud deploys a best practice environment ready for you to migrate or deploy resources to

Automated migration to Azure

Azure Migrate needs to be manually configured and testing and failover is fully manual

IA-Cloud’s wizard driven deployment makes getting resources into Azure easy. Our built-in eConsultant will help you with testing and failover

Documentation of environment configuration

Not available from Azure

IA-Cloud fully documents your Azure environment automatically, so you have evergreen documentation when you need it.

Automated post deployment tasks

Not available from Azure

IA-Cloud’s eConsultant detects what has been built and deployed and automatically produces a next steps document to advise you on how to proceed post-build

Try IA-Cloud Today

To show you the true benefits of IA-Cloud, we’ve set up a live demo environment, which we’re providing you with free access to for 15 days. The environment is running in Azure against a fictional company. We will walk you through the solution to show how each area works, and you will also be free to explore at your leisure. Simply fill out the form and we’ll send you your login details.