Cloud Cost Optimisation

Reduce your cloud consumption by 30% with automated, actionable cost saving recommendations.

Cloud Cost Optimisation

The promise of the public cloud is one of an evergreen, higher performance environment that would cost less than a traditional on-premises environment. For many customers the cloud has been an expensive endeavour that hasn’t increased the performance of their environment.

IA-Cloud allows you to align your true usage to cost, allowing you to reduce your costs overall whilst still increasing performance where it is most needed.

Reserved Instances

Reserved instances allow you reserve capacity for one or three years which can reduce your cloud bill by over 30%. However, most organisations don’t use reserved instances at all. IA-Cloud highlights where it would be sensible to use reserved instances to help reduce the cost of your environment.

Orphaned Resources

When virtual machines are removed in Azure the associated resources are not automatically cleaned up, and although you’re no longer using them, they’re still costing you money.  If you’ve been using the public cloud for a while these orphaned resources quickly add up. IA-Cloud’s cost optimisation dashboard highlights these orphaned resources, allowing you to take action to cut your costs.

Performance Optimisation

Making sure your environment is kept up with best practices and performant is as important is reducing cost. IA-Cloud provides actionable insights into performance issues due to low capacity, enabling you to increase your user experience whilst also optimising cost.  IA-Cloud will even tell you if a new resource version has been made available that would be a better fit for your workloads.

What Do I Get With IA-Cloud?

A complete management platform to help you BUILD, AUTOMATE, SECURE and OPTIMISE your Azure environment. Delivered as a SaaS platform, it is installed in under 30 minutes, improving compliance, reducing cloud wastage and automating business-as-usual activities.

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Right Sizing of Virtual Machines

Uses basic metrics to provide simplistic recommendations

IA-Cloud provides right-sizing for over and under used machines as well as recommendations for where you can use burstable instances to reduce cost

Right Sizing of SQL PaaS

IA-Cloud provides right sizing for SQL PaaS instances as well as SQL PaaS storage

Right Sizing of App Services

IA-Cloud provides right sizing for under and over used app service plans

Discovery of orphaned resources

IA-Cloud identifies unused resources that are not linked to other resources, often caused by VM deletion

Hybrid Use Benefit recommendation

Organisations with on-premises licensing often have the ability to leverage existing licenses, cutting cost by up to 46%!

Reserved instance recommendation

The native recommendations use simplistic modelling and can provide misleading recommendations, for example, it’s possible for it recommend VMs for Reserved Instance that have been deallocated for long a period, which would increase cost

IA-Cloud uses real up time to provide accurate recommendations based on your usage

In Dashboard Cost Savings

Coming soon

Legacy resource detection

IA-Cloud automatically detects where legacy resource types are in use and calculates the best modern alternative for cost and performance

Free Live Demo Environment

To show you the true benefits of IA-Cloud, we’ve set up a live demo environment, which we’re providing you with free access to for 15 days. The environment is running in Azure against a fictional company. We will walk you through the solution to show how each area works, and you will also be free to explore at your leisure. Simply fill out the form and we’ll send you your login details.