Cloud Automation

Reduce your cloud management cost by up to 46% whilst reducing your cloud consumption with actionable cost saving recommendations.

Cloud Automation in just 90 seconds

Deploying resources in the public cloud is near instantaneous allowing you to scale your platform nearly limitlessly. This scale causes issues with support, in the public cloud customers end up with mis-aligned standards and endless cloud sprawl. IA-Cloud allows you to gain control of your cloud environment and align it back to best practice standards.

Only 21% of businesses

Are successfully monitoring the public cloud

30% of businesses

are currently overspending on the public cloud

85% of businesses

currently struggle with visibility of cloud resources

Removing The Complexities

ITSM systems are core to any support organisation, moving to the public cloud shouldn’t change this.

We don’t believe in long and complicated integrations relying on plugins to get your ticket flow working. With IA-Cloud you can integrate alerting for IaaS and PaaS resources into virtually any ITSM system with two clicks.

Built With Simplicity In Mind

Managing your cloud environment can be complicated, and with such as breadth of technologies in the cloud, most management solutions make it even more complicated. IA-Cloud has been built by Azure experts with simplicity in mind.  

IA-Cloud surfaces only the relevant and timely information to ensure it’s not lost in the noise, and our plain-English actionable insights arm your admins with the information they need to keep your environment running optimally.

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Staying Compliant

Concerns about compliance in the public cloud have kept administrators and business leaders up at night. The last thing they want is a technology breach and the reputational damage that comes with it. With IA-Cloud, we're able to make sure that your environment is compliant with well recognised industry standards like the CIS Benchmark. If you’re not, we provide simple remediation advice on how to reach these standards.

Reducing Overspend

Customers are overspending in the public cloud by an average of 30%, however services still struggle to perform. IA-Cloud reduces your cloud consumption by up to 40% whilst providing insight into where resources are limited on performance, allowing you to correctly align costs with usage across your environment.

Take our IA-Cloud Demo

To show you the true benefits of IA-Cloud, we’ve set up a live demo environment, which we’re providing you with free access to for 15 days. The environment is running in Azure against a fictional company. We will walk you through the solution to show how each area works, and you will also be free to explore at your leisure. Simply fill out the form and we’ll send you your login details.