IA-Cloud Essentials
Manage Your Azure Estate, Completely Free

Ultima’s IA-Cloud Essentials allows you to run an efficient public cloud for your IaaS services by helping reduce the cost of the underlying platform by up to 10%.

Why Automate Your Azure Cloud Services?

The key goals of public cloud management are cost reduction and time saving, with over 70% of organisations stating that optimising their use of public cloud is a top initiative.

Save 1 week of management time

Customers using IA-Cloud Essentials reduce human effort by up to a week for every 100 machines

Accelerated transition

Build and documentation for Azure setups can take weeks but with Ultima, this can be done in a click of a button.

10% reduced expenditure

Benefit from cost savings on your monthly bill through advanced Azure optimisation

How IA-Cloud Essentials Benefits You

IA-Cloud Essentials supports these initiatives by allowing you to automate your Azure environment, simplifying IaaS management and reduce costs.

Cost Optimisation

The cost optimisation engine that is built into IA-Cloud Essentials provides a real time view of where you can make cost savings in your environment at the click of a button. IA-Cloud Essentials scans your environment for resources that have become orphaned and are no longer in use, these resources typically make up around 10% of the cost of an Azure environment.

Automated Documentation

Our documentation engine provides full architectural documentation every 2 months for your IaaS services. As part of the documentation, there is a high-level executive summary of the environment and then a detailed configuration for the IaaS services. Whilst this would take up to 72 hours to compile this documentation manually, the automated documentation service reduces this down to a single click.

Automated Alerting

To reduce the time to resolution for customers, the cloud native and agentless monitoring and alerting system provides instant notification of issues, straight to your inbox. This covers both virtual machine metrics as well as environmental metrics. Onboarding is no concern either, with all machines automatically onboarded into the platform with no effort and zero touch.


Upgrading from IA-Cloud Essentials is easy and can provide enhanced cost savings across not only IaaS services but PaaS services too. IA-Cloud also provides automated backups and patching, further reducing the amount of effort required to manage your Azure environment.  Want a Managed Service? Check out our Autonomous Cloud service which is powered by IA-Cloud.

Your Free IA-Cloud Essentials Plan

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