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  • Supporting Your Digital Transformation

    We can guide you through the process of making a workplace that’s more agile and innovative, and delivers a great customer experience

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  • Reduce Tedious & Repetitive Tasks

    Reap the value of intelligent robotic process automation (RPA) within your organisation by eliminating mundane duties, enabling users to be more productive

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  • The First Step To Automation

    Identify yours with our Process Selection Service, which takes a deep dive into high volume and low complexity processes suitable for automation

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  • RPA & Intelligent Automation

    Automated systems can perform repetitive, high-volume tasks, introducing greater speed and consistency - our guide details everything you need to know

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Thames Valley Tech Awards 2018 Winner

We were awarded Tech Company of the Year in May 2018 for our achievements in the areas of innovation, sales, profitability, product development and sector. We were also named Innovative Tech Company of the Year for producing a series of outstanding tech innovations.

In addition to winning two awards, we came second in the Tech Employer of the Year category.

For details of all the 2018 winners, visit: Tech Awards Winners

GDPR whitepaper

GDPR White Paper for IT

We have produced this white paper to assess the impact of the General Data Protection Regulation, primarily from an IT perspective - examining the role that IT can, will and has to play in the implementation of the new requirements.

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CRN Reseller of the Year 2017 Winner

We were announced as CRN's Reseller of the Year in November 2017, where our strategy was described as 'truly innovative and groundbreaking'.

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