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    Find out how we can help you reap tangible value beyond standard connected services usually deployed at public venues or workplaces

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    Automated systems can perform repetitive, high-volume tasks, introducing greater speed and consistency - our guide details everything you need to know

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    With Microsoft 365 Enterprise, you can empower your workforce to work in the way they want, safe in the knowledge that they're completely protected

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Thames Valley Tech Awards 2018 Winner

We were awarded Tech Company of the Year in May 2018 for our achievements in the areas of innovation, sales, profitability, product development and sector. We were also named Innovative Tech Company of the Year for producing a series of outstanding tech innovations.

In addition to winning two awards, we came second in the Tech Employer of the Year category.

For details of all the 2018 winners, visit: Tech Awards Winners

CRN Reseller of the Year 2017 Winner

We were announced as CRN's Reseller of the Year in November 2017, where our strategy was described as 'truly innovative and groundbreaking'.

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  • Ultima Resources

    Citrix Secure Enterprise Mobility Strategy

    Citrix provides a complete solution to enable secure enterprise mobility, including technologies for mobile device management (MDM), mobile application management (MAM), application and desktop virtualisation, and end-to-end security from data centre to device.

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  • Ultima Resources

    Citrix Secure Digital Perimeter

    The workforce is changing. Gone are the days when employees would simply come into a corporate office and use a corporate device. We need to shift our mindset of where our perimeter is. It’s not the firewall, securing your networks from the internet, or the physical security in your data centre. The new perimeter is the user.

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  • Ultima Resources

    Check Point CloudGuard

    To fully embrace the cloud, businesses need to understand where the balance of responsibilities lie between protecting the cloud infrastructure (incumbent upon the cloud provider) and protecting the data that resides in the cloud (incumbent upon the customer). This is what IaaS providers refer to as the shared responsibility model.

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