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Advisory Services for Network and Security

With the ever changing threat landscape and the rapid developments and advancement in technology used by both the protector and the hacker, maintaining a strong defence is a must for every business to protect itself and its customers data.  Achieving and maintaining a balance between the benefit of dynamic, responsive, accessible, flexible systems and processes and a secure, locked down and managed environment is a continual challenge.

With our advice, you can develop a flexible network and security solution to develop in line with advances in technology, including Cloud adoption, mobility and preventing ever advancing malware threats.

We’ll help you to ascertain your current levels of security and infrastructure maturity, identify a desired state, and build a gap analysis highlighting the areas in which to invest for better alignment with the overall business and to reduce risk.  Furthermore, by optimising your network and security, we can help you to realise dramatic cost savings for their IT infrastructure by moving toward a secure, well supported and highly automated environment.

Our networking and security practice is focused in two areas:

  1. Our risk management business helps you identify the major threats to your organisation and prioritise your risk treatment as well as comply with standards such as ISO 27001 and PCI DSS
  2. Our technology team assists with the design, implementation and support of networking technologies and security controls

We aim to transform businesses’ operations from what we define as ‘basic’ – with many static or manual processes and unconnected systems – to become a ‘rationalised’ dynamic environment that takes advantage of the technologies and processes that help create bridges between systems, and wrap comprehensive management layers around solutions.

Our proven record of accomplishment in the supply of enterprise solutions into both large and small corporate environments, coupled with our extensive deployment experience, makes us the ideal partner to deliver your end-to-end infrastructure services.

Why choose Ultima for network and security advice?

  • We provide strategic risk-based advice aligned to your business objectives
  • End-to-end capability embracing all aspects of people, process and technology
  • Extensive industry experience with skill-sets across multiple vendor technologies
  • Our value includes full design, support and managed services
  • Top accreditations with industry leading technology vendors
  • Technologies can be demonstrated in our Experience Centre