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Advisory Services for Modern Workspace

Desktop infrastructures have changed substantially over recent years, influenced by business change including organic growth, acquisitions and mergers, rightsizing, changes in business focus and operational changes such as purchasing and support models. Compounded by changing user needs, this has highlighted new desktop challenges for IT and management teams, from lack of visibility of machine lifespans to security issues.

Our dedicated end user computing team hold top-tier accreditations and knowledge of the very latest optimisation technologies, enabling us to offer you a structured approach to transforming workplace computing to meet your users’ needs without compromising security.

We develop basic workspace operations with static or manual processes and unconnected systems into fully ‘optimised’ environments, taking advantage of the technologies that help automate processes, create bridges between systems and wrap comprehensive management layers around solutions. Benefits include:

  • Data security and compliance across the estate
  • Improved mobility
  • Lower costs for rapid deployment of desktop environments
  • Reduced support overhead that comes from having a patchwork desktop estate
  • Supported platform for future business growth and on-going investment
  • Reduced per-device total cost of ownership (TCO)
  • Improved service levels to your users and customers
  • Improved productivity and end user experience
  • Enhanced desktop management capability and reduced maintenance costs

Our experienced consultants can help you to maximise the value of your IT investments, whilst promoting the best possible productivity and IT experience for staff and other end users.