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DevOps Workshop

Location Reading
Date 25th May 2017
Start Time 10:00am
Duration 2 hours
Status Seats Available

We are hosting a working brunch to bring together IT Operations and Developers to explain the benefits you can achieve from DevOps through discussions and demonstrations with our Cloud Developer Services Team.


This 2-hour session will take you through a simplified development process designed to show you what is now not only possible, but fast becoming the new 'normal', for organisations.

Why DevOps?

DevOps Benefits

  • Deploy code 30x faster and with 200x shorter lead time as compared to their lower-performing peers
  • Have 60x fewer failures and recover from failure  168x faster as compared to their lower-performing peers
  • Strong IT Performance is a competitive advantage - Firms with high-performing IT organisations were 2x as likely to exceed their profitability, market share, and productivity goals

Not Deploying DevOps Consequences: - In the real world, there are real consequences if you are unable to deliver high-quality software quickly or build the wrong thing to begin with:

  • 40% of implementations end up getting reworked because they don’t meet the users’ original requirements
  • The average cost of one-hour downtime of a customer-facing app is calculated at 100.000 dollars per hour – and this does not take into account the damage to reputation, which can be even greater. Fixing such production issues takes on average 200 minutes per incident
  • Three-quarters of development teams have adopted Agile methodologies today, enabling them to develop faster. While this is a great number, it does not help if a development team is Agile but deployment still takes weeks or months because IT Ops is perceived as not being Agile
  • A bug caught in production ends up costing 100 x more than if the same bug was found earlier in the development cycle

Event Location
Gainsborough House, Manor Park,
Basingstoke Road, Reading,