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Hosting & Cloud Business Solutions

As organisations demand higher levels of performance, security, control and flexibility, cloud solutions and services are increasing in popularity. However, the initial investment in cloud business solutions can be high. And with many data centres located in the Capital, the threat of disruption due to terrorist activity has to be a considered risk.

So is it possible to implement a secure, cost-effective cloud hosting solution?

Opt for flexible and secure business cloud hosting services

We offer a flexible approach to hosting your critical business infrastructure, which fits all business models and sizes. Our range of data management services is backed by strong data governance and management policies. Through cloud computing you can offer IT-as-a-Service (ITaaS) to make your business agile, scalable and reduce expenditure.

Changes to your data centre will yield impressive results. Virtualising your infrastructure will reduce costs and improve efficiency, whilst archiving will reduce your storage costs. Backups and business continuity will safeguard your data and reduce overall risk to your business, whilst cloud solutions reduce your costs, empower users, and improve their mobility.

If you’re considering hosting and cloud services for your business, contact us to arrange for a business manager to visit you. They will provide strategic advice, discuss the benefits and costs, and design a tailored cloud solution to meet your needs.

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