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What Happens to Your Old IT Kit?

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Decommissioning and Recycling

With the IT landscape ever changing, managing your IT infrastructure often includes both making existing equipment redundant or the addition of new equipment to continually improve your systems.

Our expert team deliver a tailored service to your exact needs, whilst ensuring security is the ultimate priority. 

We can provide a complete audit trail throughout the process, including full end-of-life audit reports and certificates of destruction to ensure you can track the journey of your old equipment, to a zero-landfill end of life.

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De-installation and Installations

Services include the removal of redundant IT equipment from site and the delivery and deployment of refurbished or new IT, printer and telecoms equipment, including:

  • Workstation, printer and network refreshes       
  • WAN and Server migrations
  • VoIP migrations and mobile handset staging/deployment
  • Technical logistics – delivery, dispatch and deploy
  • Project delivery
  • WIFI rollout


Once redundant equipment is removed from your site, we can recycle this to government, industry and security standards. Our refined recycling process dismantles each item to reduce cross contamination and ensure every element is recycled correctly, including:

  • Printed Circuit Board recovery
  • Precious metal recovery
  • Cable recovery
  • Cable granulation
  • Environmental compliance
  • Storage and inventory

IT Sales

If your stock is no longer fit for purpose but is still in good condition, we can securely erase your devices to ensure they are in line with data protection legislation. We will then resell them on your behalf through a list of service-accredited partners. We are fully transparent in our process, working with you to ensure you are aware of the devices resale value, any incurred costs such as data erasure and the subsequent resale value.

Data Destruction

As part of the recycling or re-sale of items, our data team are experts in safely and ethically erasing your sensitive data. Trust our team to free up space on your systems, help you gain regulatory compliance or prepare your devices for resale. Our Data Destruction team are qualified to destroy data to Government secret level.

Avoid the IT room of doom!

Do you have a store room overflowing with old IT kit? Do you need help to recycle or decommission it securely and compliantly?

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