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Networking & Security

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Networking and Security Solutions

Security is paramount in today’s business environment as every organisation strives to reassure its customers, stakeholders and employees that it has taken the appropriate and necessary steps to create a secure environment.  Whether that is a secure IT solution that addresses changing demands for greater mobility, collaboration and cloud computing or educating and empowering your workforce (with employees cited as one of the greatest cyber threats), a comprehensive risk approach to security embracing technology, governance, policy, process and training is required.

With a rapidly changing IT landscape, systems that were once integrated, dynamic and fit for purpose become tired, archaic and unsupported. And the larger and more geographically dispersed IT gets, the harder it is to maintain visibility and the easier it is for attackers to penetrate.

Traditional perimeter IT security controls, such as firewalls, can’t protect you against all forms of Internet borne malware threats, so what do you do?

Understand your environment

To truly understand your environment you need to start with a risk assessment which considers what you are trying to protect, the threats you are exposed to and takes into account the maturity of your existing measures.  When you know what you are facing and where you need to improve we can help you implement a solution.

Implement a robust network security solution

Leverage our strategic relationships with tier 1 network and security vendors. Our highly skilled technical consultants work with you to create a scalable networking platform that you can deploy in a physical or virtual environment.

We provide best-practice cyber security solutions and objective advice on everything from core networking, wireless and BYOD to threat protection, firewalls and endpoint protection.

Since 2003, our Technical Support Centre has been ISO 27001 certified for security. It provides 24x7 telephone support, service desks, managed hosting, and firewall management solutions; with 96% of logged issues dealt with in-house, it means we can be your single point of contact, so you save time by not having to contact vendors directly.

Furthermore with the risk, governance and policy experience of our sister company, Ultima Risk Management we are in a position to truly deliver a holistic security solution considering all aspects to create an effective layered defence.

To future-proof the security of your business, why not contact us to start your network upgrade?

  • Risk Management and ISO 27001/PCI DSS Consultancy

Ultima Risk Management is one of the UK’s leading information security consultancies assisting organisations to certify with ISO 27001 and comply with PCI DSS. 

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