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Mobile Workforce Solutions

IT departments face a balancing act between empowering users and maintaining security. Users are bringing smart devices, such as phones, tablets and laptops into the office, which are neither owned nor managed by the company. While often improving personal productivity, these devices pose both security and data protection risks.

A well-defined ‘bring-your-own-device’ (BYOD) policy and mobile device management strategy can protect your organisation whilst increasing mobility for your users.

So how is your business addressing the consumerisation of IT with mobile workforce solutions?

Empower users and secure systems with mobile workforce solutions

Providing access to products and solutions that allow secure and reliable use of personal smart devices, without compromising the integrity of your corporate systems, needs careful management.

Enterprise mobility management offers a tailored solution, which matches the requirements of your users to your IT policies. Setting device-level or application-level policies enforces restrictions on what users can access.

This approach ensures information is password protected and devices can be wiped-clean remotely, should they fall into the wrong hands. Now users can securely access and manage corporate data either in the cloud, or on-premise – connecting to existing corporate file shares and SharePoint.

If you’re looking to increase mobility of your workforce, contact us for some expert advice.

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