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End User Computing

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End User Computing (EUC)

Increasingly, it will be end users who are driving IT provision rather than the IT department, and this can present a number of challenges to businesses. Employees want to work at any time, from any location, using company-owned or personal devices. They need to access and share data with colleagues and partners, suppliers and customers.

So how can you empower people and enable mobility through flexible working without compromising the security of your business?

Deliver greater flexibility and consistency with your end user computing strategy

By embracing concepts such as ‘bring your own device’ (BYOD), and integrating a blend of provisioning technologies, such as server-based computing and virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI), we can help you to build flexible IT systems that empower your staff, whilst giving your IT team more control than ever before.

Our Strategy and Planning Services will identify IT inefficiencies, enabling us to create solutions that deliver operational gains, maximise your investment and better align your IT with your business objectives. We can work with you to define a coherent end user computing strategy to move your business away from disparate and disconnected systems that are coming to the end of their supported lifespan, in favour of those that enable you to interact with users, clients and partners in a more dynamic way.

Our vendor independence means that we can provide everything from impartial advice, to tailored IT solutions that deliver tangible benefits to your business, such as greater flexibility and productivity, consistently higher-performance, improved user experience, and centrally controlled, secure systems for your IT team.

EUC building blocks

To help you discover the power of end user computing, our experienced consultants design and deliver end-to-end solutions based on building blocks:

Platform: As 'bring-your-own-device' (BYOD) gains in popularity, users want the freedom to choose their device. We can help you deliver this whilst maintaining easy management, greater security and a consistent end user experience.

Application: Increasing mobility through mobile workforce solutions enables users to access their applications anywhere, at any time, on any device. This is achieved whilst maintaining strict security measures via mobile device management, providing greater flexibility and delivering a rich end user experience.

Persona: Centrally managed user profiles, maintain customisations settings across applications and platforms. Migration between operating systems and application versions is easily achieved without affecting other users.

Data: Implementing an on-premise secure file sharing solution, data can easily be shared between colleagues, and with external users, without compromising security or data protection.

When you next refresh your desktops, why not contact us for some independent, expert advice on how to meet your users’ end user computing requirements without compromising your business?

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