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Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery

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Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery

If you are unfortunate enough to suffer from an issue that affects your building, such as a flood, fire, or other catastrophic event that creates a denial of access, your disaster recovery plan will enable you to continue your business operations with a minimum of interruption.

A robust approach to disaster recovery will specify the steps to full recovery and offer a solution to allow your employees to connect to your corporate data and applications with the minimum of delay, minimising the financial impact on the business as a result of the inability to trade.

Tailored disaster recovery solutions

We can help you to formulate your approach to disaster recovery and by building up a picture of your data needs and business requirements, recommend and provide solutions for data recovery, data replication and secure remote access, storage and virtualisation solutions, giving you peace of mind that in the event of the worst-case scenario. Where possible, our consultants will tailor a disaster recovery solution around your existing infrastructure investment.

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