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Software Asset Management

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Software Asset Management (SAM)

As vendors focus on installed software, you must be able to demonstrate due diligence in license control to avoid fines. Also, as businesses grow, many lose track of what licenses they have and end up paying more for products they’re not using.

So how do you ensure compliance?

License only the software you need with Software Asset Management

As a Microsoft Gold Partner (SI, System Integrator and LSP, License Solution Provider), we give you industry leading advice as well as technical guidance around solution delivery. Our SAM consultants will take a full audit of your assets, capture data and cross-reference it with consumption reports to highlight any areas that you need to address.

Besides compliance services, we also offer a way to save on license costs. By understanding actual product usage across your business, we allow you to ‘pool’ licensing for re-use and negotiate better agreements. For greater flexibility, we can provide this as a one-off audit activity or as an ongoing software asset management solution.

To ensure you remain compliant with software licensing, contact us to discuss your needs and see how you could reduce your operational costs.

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