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Interact: simple, trackable eProcurement

Tracking your orders and vendor agreement details can be a labour-intensive activity if managed formally, or inefficient if managed on an email trail.

How can you ensure this information is shared quickly and efficiently with your IT and procurement teams?

Track and manage orders online

Interact is our secure, multi-functional customer e-sourcing portal, which you can access via a desktop or smartphone. Each user is provided with a personal username and password to show a tailored view of your portal that we optimise for your specific job role.

For example, if you’re in eProcurement, you’ll see past and current orders, sales pricebook and licensing information, whereas someone in IT would see performance statistics, incident tracking and software agreements.

To retain control and greater flexibility over your eProcurement orders, contact us to discuss how Interact can impact your business.

Log into the Interact portal here.