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Cloud Solutions Provider Program (CSP)

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World Class Support, Faster responses, Simplified billing, and Tailored cloud packages– All from Microsoft's Cloud Solution (CSP) Provider Program with Ultima.

With so many organisations making the move to cloud services, Microsoft understood the need to develop a licensing program that is flexible and can provide organisations with the level of support they require in their adoption of cloud. In reaction to this, Microsoft developed the Cloud Solution Provider Program (CSP). With CSP organisations can utilize the full potential of the cloud whilst being supported by full end-to-end service provided by Ultima, all in a cost effective tailored package to suit your needs.

Key Benefits of Microsoft CSP Program

  1. Flexible & Simplified monthly billing on all of your Microsoft Cloud Services
  2. Improved levels of administrator and user support
  3. Pay for what you need - the ability to provision/ increase or decrease licenses instantly at any point
  4. Cost-effective pricing provided through tailor made packages to suit your organisations cloud needs

Why Ultima for CSP?

Unmatched Microsoft Expertise

Ultima began as an end-to-end IT service and solution provider and for the last 25 years we have supported and been a trusted advisor to numerous organisations. Our highly skilled technical consultants will design and implement a flexible, tailored cloud solution, whilst our Technical Support Centre will manage, support and keep it optimised.

Unparalleled and Proven Support Services

When you need Office 365 support, it should be a simple and quick process. Get direct support from our team of experts in our Technical Support Centre who are available on a 24x7 basis for all technical support issues that may arise. With support packages to suit all your organisations needs, we have you covered!

Simplified Billing & Invoicing

With one simple monthly bill for all your services, we make billing simple. We provide one easy to understand package that includes all of the tools and services you need from a cloud solution.


Ultima's CSP Support Packages

O365 Basic Support (Included in license cost)

O365 Basic Support provides Break-Fix support in the event Microsoft cloud products are not working as expected. This can be both the actual products, such as Office365, or the Microsoft tools used to manage your products, such as Office Admin Center.  Typical scenarios for this support are, for example,  if there are service issues with Microsoft cloud products, the Customer can experience product defects or “bugs”, or downtime is caused by large scale or regional disruptions. The support service does not cover Break-Fix for problems caused by customer side issues i.e. where the customer has local network or infrastructure problems affecting the service of the Microsoft cloud products.

O365 Essential Support

O365 Essential Support is perfect for organisations with limited in-house expertise to support their end users. We understand that most organisations offer mobile and flexible working and that your end users need to be able to reach rapid assistance should they find themselves unable to complete their task due to a support issue. O365 Essential Support offers full access to the O365 expert desk to support your end users with incidents and queries relating to your O365 deployment.  The expert desk is manned by highly skilled support staff who follow mature processes that conform to ITIL and best practice ensuring your incidents are handled professionally and efficiently.  Support is provided from first through to third line, and all of our support professionals are able to raise incidents directly to the vendor where they manage such problems on your behalf. 

Premium Support

O365 Premium Support is perfect for organisations who require support to fully manage provisioning, decommissioning and managing user identities and access in O365. All of the support provision of Essentials is included in Premium Support with the addition of all administration and management of your end users, this type of activity is commonly known as Service Requests. The Expert Desk will manage all end user Service Requests ensuring permissions, provisioning, decommissioning and ensuring requests are fulfilled in a consistent and timely manner

Ultima Premium Support also includes full Change Management of the O365 Admin Portal that stores the configuration, policy and security settings that govern the use of your O365 deployment.  As and when you need a change to configuration or a policy defined within the backend portal, the Expert Desk will technically validate your change and ensure mutual approval before applying any change to the deployment on your behalf. 

For organisations who have opted for a hybrid deployment of O365 that integrates with on premise infrastructure and technologies Ultima can uplift your Premium Support to provide full 24x7x365 proactive, flexible and comprehensive managed support backed up by enterprise level monitoring and management toolsets. All the support provision of Essentials Support is included with the addition of management for your hybrid infrastructure through proactive maintenance and application of critical and security patches keeping your environment up to date and protected against the latest security threats. 

An Ultima Service Delivery Manager will meet with you on a recurring basis throughout the contract term to provide recommendations regarding your service thereby providing strategic direction for the technologies deployed as well as service management best practice. Your Service Delivery Manager also acts as a central point of contact for any service related queries.